World Health Day exclusive sale

Wednesday, April 06, 2016 02:04:54

Happy, rich and healthy. Our goals. Everybody's, whether single or raising families.

And then there are other best-of-life needs we yearn for, including spending money on good bargains.

Like April 7 or World Health Day which the World Health Organization celebrates every year. That's when the WHO was founded in 1948.

From April 7 to 14, Wheatgrass CAN Inc. joins the global health move by encouraging everyone to invest in their wellbeing. All wheatgrass-based food supplements will be sold at 30 percent discounts. 


Wheatgrass is man's best blood friend. Containing up to 70 percent chlorophyll, it's an important blood builder and neutralizes toxins in the body. Called the King of Akaline Foods, it helps restore the balance between alkalinity and acidity in the body. Cancer cells can't thrive in an alkaline environment. 

Taking wheatgrass everyday can be your starting point in improving your health. Let's be smart that way.