Prevent High Blood Pressure with Wheatgrass!

Wheatgrass is rich in magnesium since this is the core mineral found in every chlorophyll molecule. Magnesium has relaxing and dilating effect on the blood vessels. This means that it can relax constricted blood vessels and make it larger so that blood can flow freely and pressure on the walls of the blood vessels will be lessened.

The antioxidants in wheatgrass prevent oxidation of cholesterol in the blood, which causes the cholesterol to stick to the walls of the blood vessels. Thus antioxidants prevent cholesterol plaque formation or atherosclerosis.

Did you know?
Our blood is our body's life force. It supplies oxygen to all parts of our system and carries with it anti-bodies and vital nutrients essential in keeping our organs in excellent condition. At the same time, our blood takes away wastes such as carbon dioxide, acids and toxins that cause of illnesses and life-threatening diseases. Healthy blood means healthy body. And one of the best foods that keep our blood wheatgrass!

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