Skywheat Wheatgrass plus

When it's matters of the heart, there are no second chances!

Skywheat Wheatgrass plusYour heart may be one of the strongest muscles in the body but it can be one of the most fragile. Bad foods, stress and lack of exercise will break it down for sure!

Save your heart with Skywheat Wheatgrass Plus!

Skywheat Wheatgrass Plus combines wheatgrass with 5 powerful legumes: barley grass, black beans, soy beans, wheat and natto. Fiber in black beans and wheat helps block cholesterol absorption. Soy protein, isoflavones and lunasin in soy beans help lessen bad cholesterol in the blood. Magnesium in wheatgrass relaxes constricted blood vessels and help in lowering blood pressure. The B vitamins in barley strengthen the blood vessels and the muscles that safeguard the heart. It also has the powerful enzyme, NATTOKINASE, which helps prevent and dissolve blood clots without the danger of bleeding. This synergy of elements makes Skywheat Wheatgrass Plus the best food for your heart!

Skywheat Wheatgrass Plus is perfect for people with:

  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Poor blood circulation due to blood clots
  • Suffering from any heart disease
  • Has family history of heart disease

What's more? It's a natural food with no artificial ingredients or preservatives and 100% organic! It has no side effects and is recommended even for children.

Take Skywheat Wheatgrass Plus, the Ultimate Food for the Heart!

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