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Datuk David Yeat Sew ChongDatuk David Yeat Sew Chong

As the founder and CEO of Easy Pha-max Global, he conceptualized and built Easy Pha-max from his love of wheatgrass and from the challenge of using both leaves and roots of wheatgrass to produce balanced nutrition needed by everyone.

From this vision, Easy Pha-max has expanded to market wheatgrass-based health products in to over 50 countries.

"Biotechnology is recognized as the next engine of growth for the world economy, and the world market value of biotechnology is expected to reach USD30 trillion."

Biotechnology is being recognized as the next leading industry, and its potential world market value is expected to reach USD30 trillion. The world's biotechnology companies had obtained more than USD 60 billion profit in 2006. Easy Pha-max, which is geared towards bio-herbs, is one of the leaders in this "Golden Industry".

With the combination of e-commerce and Blue Ocean strategies, Easy Pha-max has developed a brand new marketing model with a dynamic international team that delivers convincing profit performance.

Easy Pha-max adheres to the highest corporate standard in building the biotechnology, e-commerce platform. The company is committed and focused on innovation and developing the latest competitive and high quality products that will benefit the health of 6 billion people worldwide.

Ben Wong

Ben Wong

CEO, Easy Pha-max Global
Co-founder of Easy Pha-max

Edward Ling

Edward Ling

CEO, Int'l Markets (Phil., USA, Latin America)

Ola Madsen

Dr. Ola Madsen

President of Easy Pha-max USA